Submit your demo to major labels

Submit your demo to major labels

Our production company offer the opportunity not just to record a demo, but also to submit your demo to the major labels.

We have the contacts and expertise to get demos to the right people in the music industry. Our independent A&R service professionally manages solicited submissions to major record labels, radio stations and music publications.

Many major record labels do not accept the submission of unsolicited music from the public, due to the associated cost of reviewing vast quantities music whilst screening for quality control.

Major record label A&R representatives listen to us because of our existing relationships and in recognition of the intricate screening process we undertake. We ensure major labels only receive the material that they will genuinely be interested in, thus this saves them time and money.

In order to maintain this strong relationship with our contacts we always carry out an initial assessment of the recording material. This assessment will determine how we manage your music and what record label A & R representatives we submit your material to. The number of A & R professionals your material is submitted to will ultimately depend on your genre and the quality of your demo.